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By the time I was seven years old in the third grade, I didn't know the alphabet, couldn't read and the school psychologist kept telling my parents that I needed help.

I was teased and bullied to the point where I had no idea who I really was and what I was capable of.

I was failing in school...and in life.

It was then that my folks decided to send me to very strict boarding school in Switzerland for the summer.

My mother, who was from Romania, had gone to Swiss schools and figured it was a good idea for me to do the same...for three summers in a row!!!

No one spoke English, kids were harshly spanked if they didn't follow the strict rules and we had to climb treacherous mountains (often with ropes) every weekend...and that was just the start.

Sounds pretty daunting and it truly was for someone as sheltered as I was back then. totally brought me out of my shell and taught me a lot about nature, people and life.

I thank my parents for taking me out of my comfortable surroundings back home, introducing me into an experience that would change my life forever.

Sometimes people know what's better for you than you do.

Listen to them and follow the plan.

Out of intense fear can come life-changing experiences far, far away from your comfort zone.

-Robert Landau - National Motivational Speaker/Podcast Host/Certified Life Coach

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