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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I am very excited to bring you content that I’ve been facilitating for quite some time now through an interactive and engaging, motivational platform. If you have attended a Robert Landau event you know that I love motivate through fun by “lifting” people and inspiring them to be the absolute best they can be.

Read on and let’s connect. It would be a true honor to do so!


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In my 15 year speaking career I have been fortunate to deliver over 4,500 Keynote and Seminar Experiences. I am also an accomplished MC as well as a results-oriented Certified Life Coach that works with individuals and businesses to help facilitate positive experiences and productive change.


My mission? To help people remember what they think they’ve forgotten…that they have the will, intent and power to create the life they want, in and out of the office. All they have to do is do it. I provide them the tools to get there in an energetic, fun and interactive way that is totally unique and slightly out-of-the box.

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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