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I’m honored to present a number of tried, tested and
true Keynotes and Seminars within the Company Climate Category.
They can be booked individually or in any number that fits your needs. Feel free to mix and match presentations from other categories as well.

The Communication Equation - Shaping your life, your company and your brand through the lost art of communication

Effective communication skills can either work for you or be a major hindrance to success. A recent study found that most managers in medium to large sized companies successfully communicated effectively to their staffs only 38 percent of the time. Think about that for a moment! Now what would happen if that percentage could be brought up a number of notches? What would the result be? A company or organization that runs smoother with happier employees and a much larger margin for profit. 


In a world where there are too many “communication” distractions, true communication skills have gone by the wayside. My powerful “Life Communication Equation”, unlocks the door to the lost art of effective, results-oriented communication.


  • Understand what true Communication is and how to use it

  • Put to use my Three Pillars of Maximum Communication

  • Solve any and all Communication issues that may come their way

Award Winning Customer Service - Superior customer service skills that make THE difference!

Now, more than ever, successful daily operations depend on the way customers as well as employees are treated. It's amazing to see how much business is lost due to poor phone etiquette and inferior communication skills. Find out how to treat your customers like gold!  What to say when, how to say it and when not to say what you really want to say. Effective customer service skills not only increase your bottom line, they also increase employee morale making your business a truly great place to work. Come away with effective tools and methods that will make your business thrive. When it comes to superior customer service skills…it's easier than you think.


  • Identify and put to use new and effective ways to get and keep customer

  • Create award-winning customer service programs to help retain customers for years to come

  • Have full knowledge on how to deal with difficult customers

Effective Team Building for Team Bonding 

Want amazing synergy and flow at work? When your team is really a team, everything works better. In this topic I share simple, effective and fun ways to help create a better flow and more contentment with employees.


  • Have full knowledge as to how and why team building and bonding can make a huge difference in a company’s bottom line

  • Utilize easy and effective ways to make team building and bonding work for them

  • Demonstrate the many ways in which team building and bonding can work in one’s personal life as well

The Totally Blissful Work Week - Happiness can indeed be found at work!

Why does the idea of being at work have to have a negative connotation? Is it truly possible to have a fun, positive and productive experience at work each and every day? The answer to that question is 'YES!!!!', but you need go about it the right way. The Five Steps to Work Week Bliss will get you and your staff on the right track, the first time, every time.


  • Be able to demonstrate how to have a blissful workweek

  • Understand how to manage stress without becoming it

  • Have full knowledge of the many ways to achieve workweek bliss

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