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Shoot, Score and Make It Happen! –
How to set and achieve any goal…and be victorious


Saying it is one thing, but making it happen is a totally different animal. If employees are falling short of what they wanted to achieve on the job, they may need some help with goal-setting. Employees often have some goals only to end up not realizing them. Worse yet, many have no goals at all and are wandering aimlessly through their careers…and life. In this presentation, participants will learn how the process of setting and achieving goals can make a huge difference in changing things for the better. They’ll learn that goal setting is quite easy to accomplish when you go about it the right way – and with the right attitude and expectations.


  • Identify, state and write out their goals

  • Create and adhere to a specific time frame for achieving those goals

  • Utilize my Five Secrets of Effective Goal Realization (proven techniques for visualizing goals and expecting positive outcomes)

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of how to overcome negativity and obstacles that can prevent any goal from being realized

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